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The Wonder Plant – Tulsi

Commonly called the ‘Queen of Herbs’, Tulsi or Holy Basil is truly a wonder plant. With its tender green leaves and the majesty of the herb, it provides immense benefits. In this fast paced technology dependent world, the best way to build one’s health and immunity is to consider traditional options right from our backyards.Continue reading “The Wonder Plant – Tulsi”

Trust Your Dal Chawal!

Dal Chawal or simply Pulse Rice is a delicacy cooked in every Indian home almost every second day. Who knew that this dish that we are consuming since times immemorial without realizing its benefits could provide us with a good quality protein! Proteins are among the 3 major macro-nutrients that our body needs-other two beingContinue reading “Trust Your Dal Chawal!”

Hydrate Yourself; Drink Water

Do you know what you should do the first thing in the morning when you get up? Well, you should drink a glass of water! This essential fluid helps us to live and is also a component of ‘Panch Tatva‘. ‘Panch‘ means ‘five’ and ‘tatva’ means ‘elements’. The five elements are: Space/Sky (Akash) , WindContinue reading “Hydrate Yourself; Drink Water”

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